Petro is a platform for creating and trading derivatives such as oil and oil products, gas, and electricity derivatives. A distinctive feature of the platform is the ability to organize delivery contracts.
Petro for business
The Petro.Pay b2b platform allows Corporate Clients such as fleet operators, taxi companies, and other logistics businesses to purchase fuel for their needs from Traders including, gas stations and oil depots. It consists of Super Admins, Admins, and Users. Corporate Clients have access to the Admin page to make deposits, check transaction histories, access analytics, and set smartphone app fuel card limits and restrictions for Users (usually employees). Super Admin is managed by Petro solely for technical purposes.
How it works
Companies register on the platform, fund their balance, invite employees, and set up restrictions and limits for the consumption of different types of fuel. On the other side, Traders on the platform sell them this fuel using the platform application. Clients can refuel at any network of gas stations available in the system at which refueling is allowed by the Admin.

The platform will automatically offset suppliers under the contract price, allowing Petro to fully automate fuel accounting for customers and suppliers by creating a convenient interconnected system.
Petro B2C
The Petro.Pay b2c platform allows Retail Users to also open an account in the Petro.Pay system to purchase fuel.

How it works
Retail Users who open accounts and purchase fuel cards via a smartphone app create an additional inflow of liquidity, boosting the interest of Traders. Retail Users gain a cheap and convenient way to buy fuel in return, buying larger amounts of fuel when prices are cheaper to then use as required.