Fuel trading and DeFi

Apart from greater acceptance of tokenization i.e. the digital storage of assets on the blockchain, another interesting upcoming trend in 2021 and further on will be DeFi or decentralized financial services. DeFi shows how blockchain can be used for financial purposes which, so far, has been “the missing point” among enterprise blockchain offerings. DeFi illustrates a successful application of smart contracts in the sphere of finance. This alternative form of financing perfectly fits into the fintechisation of the economy.

This year, we have already seen a strong increase in demand for DeFi services. The total value of full-time decentralized financial services (based on cryptocurrencies) has experienced impressive growth and even surpassed USD 10 billion. This market is expected to continue growing in the coming years.

Fuel trading constitutes a great application of DeFi infrastructure. It allows big oil traders to create liquidity pools on the one side, and big consumers like truck fleet operators to buy futures for the selected type of fuel on the other.

DeFi infrastructure helps us to create a win-win organic ecosystem encompassing wholesale and retail fuel traders, corporate consumers, and retail customers. All set in the smart contracts tokenized fuel is a great instrument for effective fuel management and optimization. It may allow corporate clients to save a lot of money while providing opportunities for fuel traders to earn some extra revenue. Petro Platform creates an organic fuel trading ecosystem for all parties. Let’s step forward and look inside the Petro products!